Angelo Rose

Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Harmonica

Angelo, also affectionately known as “Butch,” began playing guitar in the 7th grade, when in a school music class, he swiftly picked up the chord progression to “Country Roads.” Entranced, Angelo soon began taking lessons with local-legend Dan Schmitt, who encouraged forays into jazz, funk, blues, rock and classical genres of guitar. With such a broad musical base, Angelo started writing songs almost immediately. At 15, he spent a summer sealing driveways so he could earn enough cash to purchase his first recording device, a Fostex 8-Track. Angelo’s fascination with music writing and production was ignited. First influenced by the Beatles, his taste soon expanded to include Jimi Hendrix, The Stones, Big Head Todd and The Monsters, The Grateful Dead and many smaller, relatively unknown alt/indie bands. His love of guitar conceived a magnetic gravitation toward the piano. At 16, he began to teach himself chord structure on the keys and to this day, continues to write a vast array of his original material on both the piano and guitar ( During a Freddy Jones concert in 1994, Angelo was introduced to ingenious drummer and percussionist, Jeff Pettrone. Shortly after that chance encounter, Jeff ushered in childhood friend and guitarist, Tom Bernacki. The three would sometimes share random, capricious jam sessions but no legitimate composition materialized until 2009, when Jeff and “Butch” wanted to expand their two-man shows. Tom was an incredible addition, bringing electric drive, brilliant tone and dazzling skills to the lead guitar post. All that was missing was a man on the deep four-string and though he pronounced manifest trepidations, occasional acoustic guitarist, Mike Borrelli, was drafted to be the bass player and final puzzle piece of The Good Trip Band. GTB continues to push the jam envelope with unique twists on classic rock/rhythm/blues, while introducing their originals to vast audiences across New York.