Michael Borrelli

Bass, Vocals

Mike’s love of music was sparked at the age of 5 when he given a 5inch red transistor AM radio.   His exposure to music was extremely varied. A father who loved jazz,  an older brother and sister who followed everyone from Hendrix to CCR to Rush and CSN&Y and then his own personal favorites as a child, the Beach Boys and Kiss. His first instrument was the coronet which he played from age 10 to 13.   Throughout the last 15 years, Mike has had an on-again/off-again affair with acoustic guitar.  It 2010, he joined good friends (and present band mates), Angelo Rose and Jeff Pettrone, on the stage at Ravenwood and the three played an improvised groove that Mike wrote.  It was an immediate crowd favorite.  Mike has worked closely with Angelo Rose on his solo projects, often playing a random instrument, lending some background vocals and even helping with production.  In 2011, Mike was approached by Tom, Jeff and Angelo to fill the missing bass piece of their fledgling music project, culminating in the birth of the Good Trip Band.  Mike plays a Fender Jazz Bass with an authentic Peavy Mark IV400 Amp Head at the live gigs.